Support and collaboration with companies in the wine sector for the development of R&D&I projects

Making available for:

– Experimental vineyards located in Fincas La Grajera (Logroño, La Rioja) and Valdegón (Agoncillo, La Rioja).

– Experimental winery located in ICVV facilities.

– Greenhouse, shades and growing chambers located in ICVV facilities.

– Equipment for estimating vine water and nutritional status.

The lines of work related to viticulture are:

– Soils sustainable management and their relationship towine quality production. Quality-terroir ratio. Zoning. Soil mapping.

– Genetic heritage preservation of DOCa vine varieties. Rioja. Agronomic and oenological characterization of new varieties and minority varieties.

– Strategies for vine rational fertilization. Vineyard status evaluation and diagnosis of nutritional status methods. Wine and agri-food sector by-products use .

– Water efficiency and its relationship with harvest productivity and quality. Irrigation strategies.

– Soil maintenance and management. Plant covers use and mixed techniques.

– Vine conduction. Actions for the control of vigor and performance control actions, and plant microclimate improvement.

In oenology field, the main work lines cover the following topics:

– Oenological characterization of vine varieties.

– Microbiological control of vinifications. Wine ecosystems study. Oenological microorganisms selection.

– Chemical and technological alternatives study to decrease sulphites dose in wines.

– Barrel aging and alternative techniques.

– Impact of biostimulants fungicides and other compounds application in vineyards study, on grapes and wine microbiota, wine composition and fermentations development.

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Supplier: Government of La Rioja

Target: Small and medium-sized enterprises in the wine sector (winegrowers, wineries and other companies related to viticulture).

Special conditions of service: Not included