Our Results

We are just at the begining…​

Here you will find the results that we reach once developed as Manual for VINIoT service, visits to vineyards, service validation, disemmination and transfer materials…

Vineyard visits

This activity aims at the transfer of results during personalised tours to wineries from the different Denominations of Origin in the participating regions.

VINIoT Manual

A guide specially designed to reach wine sector users, co-created with the support of partners.

Communication materials

To ensure a successful communication strategy, an attractive and recognizable project image will be designed, including materials such as poster, roll-up, templates, brochure, press releases and videos.


Face-to-face training courses will be offered to SMEs in the wine sector, as well as semi-virtual training aimed at experts from other centres or companies for the implementation of VINIoT in other regions.