IACHIEVE: Detect, investigate, analyze

Development of detailed assessment and technological feasibility reports to answer the following questions:

  • Expected benefits Will I get them?
  • Strategic decisions What do I rely on to make them?
  • Competitive advantages and potential applications What are they?
  • Protection What are the possibilities to protect my technology?
  • Obtaining funding What are the routes?


Analysis and determination of Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

Complexity of the project and time estimation required to reach market.


Competitive advantages. Exploring potential applications. Competitive environment analysis and key detection Actors.

Study of protection possibilities. Strength technology protection, novelty and inventiveness.


Study of the different possibilities of obtaining funding. Calls for funding ad hoc analysis.

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Supplier: FEUGA

Target: Technology companies, research centers, universities, etc.

Special Terms of Service: The service will be custom-configured according to each user requirements. You can include all of the functions listed above, only a portion of them, or other specific options not included in this description