VINIoT launching event


VINIoT launching event

The VINIoT system will be able to monitor relevant parameters in viticulture and offer an alert system that will inform the winery technicians of the incidents that may occur, allowing them to be corrected in an agile manner.

On 5th November VINIoT project was presented with the other partners of the consortium in a day held at the AIMEN Laser Application Center. This is a cross-border project that seeks to develop a new system for vineyard monitoring and that will allow SMEs in the sector to control their plantations in real time, remotely and with different levels of accuracy.

The VINIoT system may monitor relevant parameters in viticulture, such as water status, ripening status of the grapes or the existence of pests; and will offer an alert system that will inform the technicians of the wineries of the incidents that may occur, allowing to correct them in an agile way. This will result in a reduction in the costs of producing the grapes, increasing the volume of the harvest and improving the quality of the resulting wine. To ensure that the system is valid for different types of vineyards, grape varieties and climatic conditions, agronomic tests will be carried out in different regions of the south of France, Northern Portugal, Galicia and La Rioja.

The main innovation of the VINIoT system is that it will be able to merge in the same solution the two main technologies that are currently used independently in vineyard monitoring: multispectral imaging and ground sensorization. This is intended to be able to take advantage of the main strengths and fill the weaknesses of both technologies to design a system superior to the current one from an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture that allows to merge the information relevant to make a better estimate of the parameters of interest for the vineyard. In addition, its accuracy will allow to collect data on the precise scale, i.e. grape level, plant, plot or vineyard.

VINIoT will mean economic cost savings in that it will replace existing laboratory services and analyses, optimize the cost of irrigation, reduce the consumption of plant protection products by being able to detect diseases early in the Vineyard. It is also hoped that this same system can be transferred to another type of crop with small adaptations.

Cross-border collaboration: Spain, France and Portugal

The VINIoT project is part of the 3rd Interreg-SUDOE 2018 Call (Axis2) and has a budget of 1,418,705 euros. The consortium is composed of AIMEN as project leader, Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture – IRSTEA (France), the Axencia Galega da Calidade Alimentaria – Agacal (Spain), National Institut de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA (France), Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense – ADVID (Portugal), Institut Francois de la Vigne et du Vin (France), Government of Rioja (Spain) and Fundación Empresa-Universidad Gallega – FEUGA (Spain).


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