Support for wine sector companies in their innovative projects

Offer customers on the latest innovations and scientific advances in wine industry to meet their expectations and make their project a success.

To achieve this, the IFV has:

  • a national network of test plots, analysis laboratories and experimental platforms, supported by research teams,
  • a local presence in each production regions,
  • 140 employees, agricultural engineers, winemakers, geneticists, technologists, microbiologists or ampeographers.

IFV Experience Fields:

  • Vine health and vineyard protection.
  • Vinifications and wine profile,
  • Wines aromas and polyphenols.
  • Wine cultivation equipment.
  • Varieties selection and identification,
  • Wine enzymes use,
  • Wine microorganisms identification.
  • Terroirs characterization and mapping.

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Supplier: IFV

Target: Small and medium-sized enterprises

Special conditions of service: Service is provided mainly in France, but can be provided in a foreign country (e.g. vine implantation experience)